Types of Labels and Tags


Labels Polychrome

As we can differentiate a product from the shelf so many others, we need a label to put it in value, therefore, choose to put in value the products they promote.

Folio Tags

Taken your label with a layer of gold, silver or other metallic colour, hologram, etc., need.

Tags promotions, discounts dots

In order for your product to be visible on the shelf, because your class you need not go unnoticed by a label put you in value, so choose the label that suits you best.

White labels, barcode labels

Whether you want to know the traceability of a product, or to print translations of ingredients or instructions for use, or applying a bar code, you need white labels are used in thermal printers.

Labels printed in direct thermal printers to finish and scales

Whether you want to print only the batch and expiry date or other information, you need direct thermal labels for your scales, these labels are found for several applications, depending on your industry.

So we have direct thermal labels with adhesive for labelling deep-freeze frozen or direct thermal labels with standard adhesive for products with low exposure within the rack: eg confectionery products, fresh meat, cheese, etc.

Tags Pharmafix

Nothing is worse than a label whose corners come away with this material PARMAFIX this problem no longer exists.

PHARMAFIX is for labelling products that have a small circumference, and where materials come away from the product: eg cables, tubes, etc.

Direct thermal labels for scales

Non-adhesive labels for trees, plants, industry

We produce non-adhesive labels for plants, trees, industry materials that are weatherproof.


Non-adhesive labels are used for activating these shelf labels, they of reagsesc, depending on the application, many materials:

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