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We provide consultancy to achieve your labels graphics, layouts realize graphics, graphic, dtp.

Technical Assistance

We offer technical assistance for printers and scales that we sell or those owned by the client, thus providing support for the proper development of the activity.

Installation and maintenance of thermal printers

For printers sold by our company provide installation and specialized technical assistance.

The staff of the Technical Department is constantly trained, benefiting from the experience gained over time or refresher courses organized at the premises of our suppliers constant.

Flexographic printing

Flexography is a rotary printing process that uses as a means of transferring ink to the print media, photopolymer printing plates.


  • I can print a wide variety of materials and self-adhesive;
  • using printing plates can achieve millions of prints;
  • achieving high productivity due to fast print speeds;
  • application of fluorescent and metallic inks, finishes making on-line (off-line), such as lamination, application of folio, serial registration, application of holograms, etc.

Die cutting

The diversity and complexity of the chosen dies gives you your unique tags. By choosing a special forms for these labeled products will be made more easily noticed on the shelf.

Flexography offers the advantage of combining intro single pass, both their label printing and their stamping. If you can automatically label products to choose different ways of rolling type-specific labeling.

Printing on the back

Print and on the back, blackmark, codes, etc.


Coldfoil is the process for submitting a film cold very fine metallic powder, located on the foil through an engraving molds coldfoil model that has to be transferred on the label.

Through this process technology can elevate coldfoil gold or other metallic colors, with custom holographic foils or with a variety of textures, adhesive or non-adhesive various media such as paper, non-absorbent materials (PE, PP, PVC, PA, etc.).

Label Printers


Supplies Labels


  • From wax, resin or wax and resin only;
  • Colors: black, red, blue, green.


Label Applicators

Do you label and want to stick accurately and quickly? Nothing more simple, with hand appliance, you can quickly label and carefree large quantities of labels without resorting to auxiliary staff.


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