A few words about us

TOTAL ID SRL was founded in 2000 having as main activity marketing and maintenance of equipment and computer systems, printers and thermal bar code scales. Since 2002 we acquired flexographic printing machinery for the printing of adhesive labels in roll, thus realize, in full colour labels, labels folio Taken with gold, silver, holograms, etc. From then until now it occupies a stable market for quality services, attractive prices and the promptitude with which we serve our customers.

Products / Services

Short description of activity, the products / services offered:

  • we produce on demand adhesive labels in rolls, pre-printed, printed or blank for use in specific printers or product labels, adhesive or non-adhesive on different supports rolls.
  • Also we sell specific printers, scales, barcode readers, applicators, etc., offer free service to customers who use the labels, we produce customer service surcharge too.
  • We offer consulting, graphic design services and technical assistance

Production capacities / services

  • Our staff is qualified, having an experience between 1 and 15 years of printing, punching, handling different types of scales, printers and software for self-adhesive labels in roll.

Technological Processes

  • bond paper punched dimensions required by the customer, which is printed text, logo etc. after which come in rolls that will be printed in turn in specific printers by customers as needed.
  • The labels are packed in boxes and delivered to the customer premises by courier.


  • we procure raw material exclusively from the European Union.


  • Considering the fact that we are on the market since 2000 it gives us a big advantage because we have a stable and loyal customer portfolio, however we are always concerned about customer satisfaction and the search for new partners.
  • Each month we increase our client portfolio, and what is also important, we do not refuse anyone.

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